Airlift Atelier is the design/ build/ fabrication arm of New Orleans Airlift. Our clients are artists, institutions, companies and productions looking to realize a dream or a plan. For over 10 years we have fabricated sculptures, displays, decor, consulted and managed projects, and much more.

Headed by our Chief Builder Christian Repaal, the Atelier is a crucial part of Airlift. He directs all of our major builds, and ensures the structural integrity of the Music Box Village.

Our team includes carpenters, masons, welders, engineers, artists, scenic painters, and set decorators.

Clients Include:

Artists including: Swoon, Jennifer Odem, Christopher Saucedo
Contemporary Art Center (CAC)
City of New Orleans
Fait NOLA Plant Design
New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
Prospect Biennial